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Technology Thrusts: Energy and Biomedical Informatics

In an effort to broaden the scope of the SC program, two Technology Thrusts—in Energy and Biomedical Informatics—have been added for SC08.

The Energy Thrust will focus both on the use of high performance computing in renewable energy and energy efficiency research as well as the challenge of best practices and technology trends aimed at energy efficient data centers. This information will be presented via workshops, invited speakers, Masterworks speakers, BoFs and many SC08 Exhibitors. Read more about these sessions.

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Questions: energy-thrust@info.supercomputing.org

The Biomedical Informatics Thrust will focus on the use of grid and high performance computing technologies to support translational biomedical research, computational biology, large-scale image analysis, personalized medicine and systems biology.

Questions: biomed-thrust@info.supercomputing.org

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